Business Taxes

Business tax filing is complicated, because there are so many factors such as understanding all of deductible expenses and applicable credits that need to be taken into account in order to minimize payable taxes and maximize returns. Businesses cannot afford to lose their profit to taxes without the assistance of a certified tax professional. Safe & Sound Tax Services ensures that all business activities affecting taxes such as having employees, making profit, selling taxable products or services, using certain types of transportation, owning business property, using equipment, and much more are considered in order to help your business avoid paying unnecessary taxes. Our professional and knowledgeable team members will make sure you understand all the taxes associated with different activities your business is involved in. Safe & Sound Tax Services is committed to ensure your benefit as much as possible.


Safe & Sound Tax Services professionally provide the following services:

  • Filing taxes for S-Corporations and C-Corporations (Forms 1120S and 1120)

  • Filing taxes for Partnership Returns (Form 1065)

  • Preparing state business tax returns